Sunday, December 19, 2010

Update: Perth to Sydney by Road

I ought to include this Youtube video that shows longest straight road in Australia on the Nallabor Plain or Desert which is in Western Australia and South Australia. No dispute here as there's an official notice by the roadside stating it's the longest at 90 miles (1000 km)!

Yeah, give me another opportunity and I would love to cross it by road once again!


Baron von Feldspar said...

That was an interesting video. When I followed the video back to youtube there were suggestions for other Aussie extreme videos of other long straight roads or the logo of READYMIX craved out of the dessert.

Luke Chong said...

Buddy, there is a sign post just before you proceed further across the plain that states clearly this is Australia's longest straight road! No dispute at all ... Believe me, it's bloody straight, alright! later, we experienced the twisting road on Blue Mountain ... and the car owner could do two things at one time which was really scary!