Friday, February 25, 2011

Sorry, Spirits

I have to apologise. I was searching and watching Youtube the night before the horrific earthquarke struck Christchurch and one of the videos made a lasting impression on me. It was an old catchy song by a not very well-known South African group, Four Jacks and a Jill. It was a 1960s hit which I often heard and loved when one of my attractive sisters played it over and over again in our shop. She was eventually won over by this relatively unknown boy and married him. There had been so many other reputable suitors she rejected despite their many gifts to me of postage stamps, comics and other stuff I collected!

Well, I was torn between putting up this video and the John Malott commentery which I felt was important to clarify the issues in Malaysia. On the other hand, the song, "Mr Nico" surprisingly had scenes of building destruction from beginning to ending. I love old buildings with their history and I was disturbed to watch it. Besides, I didn't wish to give my Kiwi host the impression that I were an anti-progressive activist! Having considered this, I therefore decided to post it the next day ... little did I know that on February 22nd-a day before my birthday-disaster struck and I would painfully witnessed not only sad deaths but painful scenes of historical buildings in ruins ... and the collapsing scenes of tall concrete buildings -- in contrast to what this video shows! What difference would it make if I had posted the somewhat sentimental video? I don't think it could be a forewarning of destruction and death ... Noone will turn back the clock and stop building taller and taller iconic buildings!

On a side note, I am thankful to God, dear spirits, that I changed my mind about driving to Christchurch to celebrate my birthday there before I depart from New Zealand. I had planned it weeks ago and even obtained marvelous detailed maps and brochures from the nearby NZ Automobile Association.

By the way, I've made my small contribution at a supermarket and I hope you will do so too wherever you are.

Here's the video:

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