Monday, April 4, 2011

Perth's Murray Street

Just round the corner of wellington Street and Barrack Street where I stay is a busy street called Murray Street. Like New Zealand's Queen Street lots of people walk along it. There's also entertainment by all kinds of artistes out to make some fast bucks... from magicians to street dancers entertaining everyone, the young and old alike enjoy their time here. Unlike Queen Street, the whole area has no vehicles driving along this lengthy stretch of paved road ... except for police vehicles... ever ready with their special caged vehicles to lock up law-breakers. What is available at this marvelous street is a wide space that has plenty of empty space for everyone to sit around on comfortable benches and hang around! The shops on both sides of the street deserve mention: there're shopping malls, shoes, bags and clothes boutiques, cafeterias, bookshops, money changing offices, watch shops, immigration consultancy centres, restaurants, city info centres and many others. Unfortunately, there are apparently certain undesirable individuals who create problems for others like quarrelling, fighting or stealing and these are times when the professional cops of Perth come in! Here are pics of a street performer doing his balancing act... a cop about to arrest a woman who had had a fight with her mate and a view of my residence with all the noisy construction going on ... More stories to come...

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