Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sarawak Independence July 22 nd 1963

On July 22nd, 1963, Sarawak became independent from Great Britain after jointly coming together with Malaya, Sabah and Singapore to form the federation of Malaysia. On that day, the Malaysia Bill was pushed through the House of Lords in London and subsequently, Sarawak's first beloved native Chief Minister, Dato Stephen Kalong Ningkan was sworn in. Before Sarawak's independence as a British colony, it had been a Japanese-occupied independent kingdom. Before the Japanese invaded Sarawak, it was already an independent multi-cultural and multi-religious kingdom with peaceful loving joyful Sarawakians ruled happily by the Brooke dynasty, beginning with a swish-buckling adventurous war veteren handsome Englishman, Rajah Sir James Brooke, followed by his heirs, Charles and Vyner Brooke.

 Rajah Sir James Brooke
The beautiful kingdom of Sarawak on the large island of Borneo
A Kelabit lass from one of many exotic tribes 

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