Saturday, March 31, 2007

An Apology

Dear Fellow Edmontonians,

If any of you ever surf into this blog, I'm terribly sorry to upset your sensitivities by putting up this controversial picture of one of the wounded students of the so-called 'Montreal Massacre' again by your highly respected Edmonton Journal.

As you can see, I've tactfully reduced and minimized the size of the picture and even if you click on it, it isn't so large that one of the poor female student's swollen reddish tits could be clearly seen unlike the extremely large front page original size of 30 cm by 20 cm which I treasure.

I cannot promise I will not enlarge the picture's size, albeit slightly larger perhaps, in future, if there is a demand out there, which I do not forsee, considering how conservative and modest we Orientals are or pretend to be in public.

Having said all these, I strongly believe an invaluable lesson could be learnt following such a controversy for mankind or humankind (This politically correct term as I'm still a de facto Edmontonian, I think) in Canada and elseway: Adult male's & female's tits exposure-Okay; female student's tit-NEVER! Nein! Das ist eine Schweinerel! We must always protect the young at all times, including university kids.

Sincerely yours,

Canuck Luke

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