Monday, March 26, 2007

A Common Hobby?

Okay, okay-it's that cheeky devil, Archie! Don't the girls in Archie's life and female readers as well just love this lovable cute rascal?

It's a hobby of mine, collecting comics just like this particular copy displayed in all its glory here.

It's quite an extensive collection, collected through the many years - war comics like the Commando series, War Picture Library series, Pocket War Library series; cowboy comics like Combat Picture Library and sci-fi Space Adventures series....

Then there are all the other Marvel comics with titles such as Superman, Aquaman, Batman and so forth. In addition, there are others like Disney comics featuring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, et al and even Classics Illustrated-comics based on famous novels by writers such as Charles Dickens and Samuel L. Clemens; supernatural ones like Tales of the Unknown and Suspense... Chinese comics featuring funny guy Lau Fu Tze and even Bruce Lee, and many more.

Really quite a lot in my private library, if you include spy thrillers and Vietnam war ones as well.

Yup! I've got Superman's special wedding edition in mint condition, courtesy of an old Canadian girlfriend!

Any comic freaks out there like me? Wanna trade? Let's say we'll forever be young with comics around us. Besides, they would be interesting heirlooms to leave behind for all our great grandkids!

Now I wonder if I could make a little fortune by selling a few of the rare ones on e-bay though ....


Nightwing said...

Hello, Nice blog u got here. And i am also into comics but not as many as yours...hehe.

Just to clarify something...Superman, batman, aquaman, JLA (Justice Leaque of America) belongs to DC comics. Marvel comics = spiderman, fantastic 4, Iron man, X-men and etc..

I am more into batman and JLA.

War comics i am also into it. Let me know if u r selling them.

Luke said...

Thanks, Nightwing for the correction. You're absolutely right about Marvel and DC comics. Next time in my other postings I'll not simply rattle first! Sale? Never tried but if the offer is kinda attractive...possibly.