Saturday, April 28, 2007

Unusual Tattoos!

These pics are from TIME Magazine. The girl is Japanese and the guy with the great wartime hero Churchill's image is a Briton.

My collection of TIME began in 1975 when there was a special student offer available at a really attractive discount rate.

Of course, in the early '70s, the battle for the hearts and minds of everyone was crucial as communism reared its ugly head and loomed large over Asia... and regrettably, the Americans were hastily beating a retreat from South Vietnam.

In those days, the Voice of America, or VOA as it was popularly known, besides the BBC, was the best reliable dominant news and story station out in the Far East here. There were frequent latest news updates, public affairs views, American music reviews, history of the States, and so forth... Man, it was generous with magazines and souvenir gifts such as map books and pens!

Today, I still keep a stack of its listeners' magazines, which I received regularly and a map book (Outdated!) and a pen (Unusable after all these years!) . In these mags, there were pics and advanced program info on upcoming documentaries and stories and follow-ups on some past stories. There was even a youthful pic of my fav radio/TV interviewer, the outstanding smooth-talking Larry King and the ever fatherly Ronald Reagan before and after winning the elections.

More about the VOA Mags later...

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