Saturday, April 28, 2007

Reality of War in Comic Form...

Here's the opening front page of the Vietnam War comic I was talking about sometime ago. It seems to be the second published one in a series. Mercifully, Stan Lee, famous creator of Spiderman, has provided conclusions to all the stories in it!

In the days ahead, I'll provide some glimpses of this unusually rare comic or magazine as the artist calls it.

It offers a fascinating account of the war conditions and situations that the GIs found themselves in an Asian country, Vietnam in the '60s.

Hi, Stan, you genius, when is the Iraq War version coming out???

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Baron von Feldspar said...

I loved this comic. It was drawn in an interesting style. Rather than using an anime or a standard superhero comic style Nam was near real or even impressionistic. All the landscape and technical details were drawn very realisticly. The humans however were slightly off with every character having some aspect or facial feature emphased and distorted.

When this comic moved from the magazine to comic book format/size it lost its artist and style. previously it had strongly characterized black and white drawing. In the comicbook format it was the traditional comic book drawn and coloured by hacks.

I look forward to your scans.