Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Down Miri's Memory Lane 2

The pic on the left shows Beautiful Jade Centre. If my memory serves me right, it was named Beautiful Jade by the former Chief Minister Abdul Rahman Yakub after one of his ex-Chinese girlfriends (who happened to be a classmate of my aunt) according to the papers when the commercial centre was first publicised.

Can you recognise the shophouses on the left of the pic?

You're actually looking at the row of shophouses that has our popular Nonya Kopitiam in it. On the right empty spot, a new row of shophouses would be built and it would have Sin Liang Supermarket in it.

The pic seemed to be shot from Gloria Hotel.

As for the two pics beneath it, they are from the Borneo Post's feature magazine, Post Mag dated 30/1/94.

Again, they show another part of Beautiful Jade Centre. The tall building under construction appears to be Mega Hotel.

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