Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Down Miri's Memory Lane...

YES! YES! You're looking at some cool pics by a well-known photographer, Francis Liew, of old and quite new Miri places. These pics came out in the Miri Daily News (Now known as The United Daily News) sometime ago.

I regret I do not have the actual date of its publication. If you do, please let me know and I'll add it in.

A few comments from yours truly here:
a) Even as an old Mirian, frankly, I haven't the foggiest idea where the heck Jalan
Unku is! Typically, the local Authority makes changes to road names with little
notification! Miri would be a greater tourist attraction if we follow our beautiful capital city, historic Kuching and give names to streets and roads that reflect truly our gratitude to our past historical personalities such as Chong En Siong, Malaysian founder of the OLDEST northern region educational institution, St. Columba's School in replacement of an unknown Abang Indeh who has no connection whatsoever to the school! What about Jalan Chong En Siong instead of Jalan Abang Indeh for the road that runs through between St. Columba's Primary and St. Columba's Secondary School??? Before Jalan Abang Indeh it was Jalan Kubu.
b) The present Taman Selera was a popular spot for picnics in the early '70s.
The pic with the coconut palms was where the present food stores began. There
were a few (2 or 3) hawker-style stores selling rojak, food and drinks at first. Mirians
could park vehicles wherever.
c) The 3rd row pics show Miri town as it was then-just some shops with hardly any
tall buildings. The tallest and oldest in the '70s was 7-floor-Park Hotel!
d) The Hock Hua Bank pic would now be considered as really out-dated-Hock Hua
Bank doesn't exist any more and today, Public Bank occupies the old building.

I hope you've enjoyed your view of our past Miri...I have lots more in store, including a rare pre-World War 2 SHELL wharf pic which I may show here.

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Ian said...

Very nice! Thanks for all those pics. Yes, I'd like to see more of your pics.

Really brings back the memories.