Thursday, May 17, 2007

UNSOLVED MYSTERY 6: Who are disturbing our dead at night???

Something fishy and even scary is going on at night in Sarawak while everyone is fast asleep in bed... Numerous places of the dead have been disturbed and tombs have been broken into and graves have been disturbed for a number of years now.

The disturbances have occurred in both animist and Christian cemeteries. Personally, I was relieved that my dad's grave in a cemetery close to our city was not disturbed recently but it was sad and upsetting to see over 20 graves nearby were desecrated.

To date, no one has been caught for all the disturbances.

The painful psychological effects on affected family members who either see their loved ones in various stages of decomposition or their resting places desecrated have been horrendous, as expected.

This begs 3 out of many other big questions:
a) Why couldn't offers of rewards be made by NGOs or the government to entice folks
with information on these hanky panky going-ons to offer tips to the cops???
b) With its reputation in jungle warfare, couldn't the army or its commandos be
called upon to attempt some form of night surveillance, and eventually catch
these evil-doers, bloody scourge of the earth once and for all??
? With some of the latest gadgets that modern armies have, launching operations would have a high success rate. I've personally tried on the night goggles in Canada and they worked superbly!
c) Why are animist and Christian resting places targeted by these despicable scums?

In this sensational hair-raising report by the Sarawak Tribune dated 2/5/2003, there is evidence that witchcraft may be involved as some jewelries were left untouched by the raiders. The neighboring country would be Indonesia as it has the worst reputation for sorcery.

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Ian said...

If anyone were to remember the George Bush visit to Indonesia, a supposedly famous bomoh there had publicised in the newspaper about how he will lay a curse on the visiting president and kill him. If not kill him, make him bloated and uncomfortable. And so on.

The whole event got through with nary a pip for Bush, and no further news was made about the whole thing.

Which proves one thing - these 'supernatural powers' only work if there had been physical contact with the victim of some kind to drop the poison or drug to confuse the target.