Thursday, May 3, 2007

Once Again, A Man Wins!

Yeah, that great beautiful city of Edmonton, home of the best ice-hockey team, The exciting Edmonton Oilers and hollywood-bound best ice-hockey champion, starry-eyed Wayne Gretzky, in Alberta, Canada, the place that I truly once loved, is a growing liberal place and the red necks are often said to be in hell, which is Calgary, home of the exciting ice-hockey team, the mighty Calgary Flames!

But when it comes to local elections...with many women entering the local election fray, a man would always rise to the occasion to grab the mayorship!

This funny cartoon was found in a local community paper sometime in the 1980s.

The ballyhoo over a female leader reminds me of the recent Sarawak state elections whereby a defending elected female candidate was unfortunately defeated, possibly partly due to some rather sexist attacks.


Baron von Feldspar said...

The problem with encouraging women to enter politics is that there are much fewer women interested in the grind of politics when they can have a life. There are more women in legislatures that use Proportional Representation because then the party directly chooses. When women have to win nominations on their own there is less interest a battle of sharp elbows. In the end often many more men who really, really want to be involved in politics for every women with the same drive.

Too many women are too emotionally well balanced to have the same drive to be politically important that we have seen warp the lives of Mulroney, Clinton, Johnson and Nixon.

Luke said...

Baron, since you mentioned the popular Honorable Brian Mulroney, former Prime Minister of Canada...Were you shocked when he actually said loudly and clearly on his pre-taped video for some grand function these unexpected words:"Fuck you" to a critic of his as a joke??? I read this in the Wikil!!!