Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Classic Polish Humor!

"Wir freuen uns," the Germans will say when they see this controversial Polish weekly Wprost magazine cover pic of their chancellor Angela Merkel breastfeeding the Kaczynski twins-on the left, Prime Minister Jaroslav, on the right, President Lech. Nein! It actually rattled some of them, though the Germany of today is as wonderfully liberal as many European nations...But who knows, a hell lot of them may actually be simply saying, "Das kannstdu halten wie ein Dachdecker!"

It seems the Poles were pissed off with what they perceived as a stepmotherly attitude by Germany towards their nation...so this was the famous classic example of Polish humor which would never, never appear in this part of the eastern world!

By the way, the editor-in-chief had these kind words to say about his magazine's cover-they've made the German chancellor look good and they had actually hired a 21-year-old beautiful model for her body!

Well, humans, at least in developed countries seem to have laid down their weapons for good amongst themselves and there's no need to be barbarians who would make threats and fight over the slightest act of provocation! The rest of the world have yet to learn a lot about civilzed behaviour in this world ....

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