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Latest Altantuya Murder Haunting Voices

Left: detonated C-4 explosive.

You have been very arrogant, Tun Majid from day one ... Shut up and sit down.
-Karpal Singh, acting counsel for Athantuya's father in expressing his objection to the lead prosecutor's interruption of his request to ask questions.
(The Star, 23/6/07)

You have no right to tell me to sit down. Only the court can tell me to sit down. You shut up. -Tun Majid, in responding to Karpal Singh. (The Star, 23/6/07)
Holding briefs also has rights. I won't take nonsense from DPPs either. -Karpal Singh, in responding back. (The Star, 23/6/07)

I have not checked what her religion was. It's a possibility that sometimes the children tell their parents and sometimes they don't. -Dr. Shaariibuu answering Karpal Singh's question about the possible conversion of Altantuya. (The Star, 23/6/07)

Resipsa loquitor! (Latin: the fact speaks for itself) -Mazlinda Baginda, AR Baginda's wife, after seeing the 7-person show of support for her husband by his MSRI staff. (Malaysiakini, 26/6/07)

Three of us were under pressure. Suras (Kumar) and Bala (P. Balasubramaniam) threatened to throw us out of the window and wanted to kill us. Every night they came to our room and knocked on the door forcefully at 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 am. Suras and Bala said, 'Razak Baginda is going to kill you'. -Altantuya's cousin Namima Gerelmaa said via a translator. (Malaysiakini, 26/6/07)

On Nov 24, I left with Altantuya's father, Sharibuu but at the airport we had a problem because they (Immigration officials) did not have a record of Altantuya, Namiraa or me entering the country. They said they had no data of our records. The entry was deleted in the computer. I was still holding my air ticket so they asked me how I came to the country. [...] was it by sea or by air. So I showed them my ticket that had the date of when I flew into Malaysia. -Urinintuya Gol Ochir, when asked when she had returned to Malaysia. Malaysiakini, 26/6/07)

There was no record of our entry. At that time (Malaysian honorary consul-general for Mongolia) Syed Abdul Rahman Athabshi was also following us to Mongolia. Two police officers took me (away) saying I came into the country illegally. I was there (at the airport) for two hours before they let us leave. -Uriintuya (Malaysiakini, 26/6/07)
It had been deleted. I wonder why our immigration records for entering Malaysia had been deleted? -Uuriintuya (Malaysiakini, 26/6/07)
... I think the (diamond-studded) ring, I think she told me her boyfriend had bought it for her. i believe the boyfriend was (Abdul) Razak (Baginda). -Uuriintuya, in answering kapal Singh's query on her recognition of Athantuya's personal effects.

Other Past Haunting Voices:
Whoever is involved will be brought to book regardless of his stature. I am going to find out how and who authorized the issuance of the explosives used in the murder.
-Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan to reporters (The Asian Sentinel, 8/11/06)

... For more than a decade, Baginda has been the executive director of Malaysian Strategic Research Institute, which is technically a private think-tank but has close connections to the Malaysian armed forces and the United Malay National Organization, the largest party in the ruling coalition.
-The Asian Sentinel, 8/11/06)

Evidence will be adduced to show that the deceased's (Altantuya's) cause of death was 'probable blast-related injuries', which means she may have died the cruel death of being blown alive.
-Deputy Public Prosecutor Tun Abdul Majid Tun Hamzah,
The Star, 18/6/07)

Intriguing quotation with unconfirmed source (presently) found in blogosphere:
I pray to Allah for right to be done. I don't want justice. I want right to be done.
-allegedly said by A.R's wife on the first day of the trial.

Early press image of 'Altantuya'. It is now claimed it is of a Korean model who bears a striking close resemblance to her.

Present real image of Altantuya.

Political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda in pink shirt

Accused killer, AR Baginda's Mysterious close Black pal, 'Mark'. He has been providing comfort to Baginda's family. Does anyone out there have more info about this huge dude other than he was said to be an old classmate of Baginda in the University of London and he claimed to have taken a month off from work just to be in Malaysia to support his friend. He is standing next to Baginda's daughter, Rowena.

He has refused to disclose his full name.

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