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Haunting Altantuya Murder Voices

As the sensational murder trial continues today after its opening on the 16/11/06, I keep hearing these words that simply keep haunting me as an objective distance observer so far...

He is a good man. He is not the Prime Minister of this country. He doesn't want to be one. He is not interested in all that!
-Outburst by Mazlinda Makhzan, former magistrate & wife of Abdul Razak Baginda, the alleged mastermind of the murder conspiracy in the trial. (The Star, 17/11/06)

He just cannot understand and accept the fact that his daughter was murdered in such a gruesome murder.
-Honorary Mongolian Consul General in Malaysia, Dr. Syed Abdul Rahman Alhabshi about the murdered Altantuya's dad's Dr. Shaariibuu Seter state of mind. (The Star, 17/11/06)

They are fully satisfied with the police investigations so far and the court procedures on the case. They are still shocked with what has happened and cannot believed she was murdered in such a cruel manner.
-Syed Abdul Rahman about Altantuya's family members after they had made offerings to her at the murder site where she was blown to bits (The Star, 18/11/06)

What about the other two? Are they going to get bail?
-Johari Hadri, brother of one of the murder suspects, Chief Inspector Azilah, following the unusual bail at RM1 million allowed for Baginda. (The Star, 24/11/06)

I hope justice will be served he said adding that he would not hesitate to bring the matter to the international arena if he found the trial was not fair.
-Dr. Shaariibuu after Baginda was shockingly released on bail (The Star, 24/11/06)

This is the only tribute I can give to my beloved daughter and I promise myself to work hard in filming her life's journey. Altantuya will never return but her memory will never fade away either.
-Dr. Shaariibuu to Bernama (24/11/06)

Shaariibuu, who had already produced 16 episodes of Discovery Channel programmes about Mongolia a few years ago, expected the film to be completed in a year.

He said that he would add messages of love and compassion of family ties in the film.
He said that his heart was broken when he saw indecent pictures of models, claimed to be Altantuya's which were carried in a leading English paper here.
-Bernama 24/11/06

No one else was involved in the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu other than Abdul Razak Baginda and two policemen.
-Deputy Public Prosecutor Sakhuddin Saidin, making a surprise announcement at the High Court in KL.
-New Straits Times, 15.12/06

Can you please sit down? You have turned this court into a circus. This issue must be dealt with.
-Shaun Tan Kee Shaan, over who should represent the two policemen.
(The Star, 15/12/06)

Evidence will be adduced to show that the deceased's cause of death was 'probable blast-related injuries' which means she may have died the cruel death of being blown up alive.
-Deputy Public Prosecutor Tun Abdul Majid Tun Hamzah in his opening remarks at yesterday's start of the Mongolian translator's murder trial. (The Star, 19/6/07)
Abdul Majid Tun Abdul Hamid

It's suicide, father. It's stupid.
-Rowena Baginda, Abdul Razak Bazinda's daughter was overheard after bursting into tears when she heard what her dad said to the family before the trial resumed. (The Star. 21/6/07)

Abdul Razak forwarded the SMS to me. He told me that he would contact a senior police officer he knew regarding the threat.
-Balasubramanian, private detective claiming he was hired by Abdul Razak Baginda to stop the harassment by someone called Amy. (The Star, 21/6/07)

I asked him (Abdul Razak Baginda) what had actually transpired. He said he himself did not know.
-Balasubramanium, responding to a question about Razak's response when asked about the missing Altantuya. (The Star, 21/6/07)

No, I did not say that. I never said those words.Those are not my words.
-Namiraa Gerelmaa, Altanuya's cousin, denying making parts of the police report. (Malaysiakini, 22/6/07)

I never said she is my friend. I always said she is my friend (when making the report).
-Namiraa (Malaysiakini, 22/6/07)

Other Past Haunting Voices:
Whoever is involved will be brought to book regardless of his stature. I am going to find out how and who authorized the issuance of the explosives used in the murder.
-Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan to reporters (The Asian Sentinel, 8/11/06)

... For more than a decade, Baginda has been the executive director of Malaysian Strategic Research Institute, which is technically a private think-tank but has close connections to the Malaysian armed forces and the United Malay National Organization, the largest party in the ruling coalition.
-The Asian Sentinel, 8/11/06)

Intriguing quotation with unconfirmed source (presently) found in blogosphere:
I pray to Allah for right to be done. I don't want justice. I want right to be done.
-allegedly said by A.R's wife on the first day of the trial.

Early press image of 'Altantuya'. It is now claimed it is of a Korean model who bears a striking close resemblance to her.

Present real image of Altantuya.

LEFT: Political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda

Here's what Tom Harris in his website, How stuff works says about C-4 explosives;
Twenty years ago, most people didn't have any idea what C-4 was. Recently, it has become an all-too-familiar term, popping up in newspapers and on television all the time. In October 2000, terrorists used C-4 to attack the U.S.S. Cole, killing 17 sailors. In 1996, terrorists used C-4 to blow up the Khobar Towers U.S. military housing complex in Saudi Arabia. In December 2001, a man smuggled similar material, hidden in his shoes, onto a commercial airliner. C-4 has also been used in many of the Palestinian suicide bombings in Israel and the Israeli-occupied territories.

U.S. military placing the C-4 explosive on a bunker

The actual explosion itself.

To be continued soon...

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