Monday, June 18, 2007

A Tribute to Lat

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Sometimes, when I read in the papers of certain persons receiving state awards I am puzzled because these individuals whom I may know have been known to carry out some pretty questionable business practices or have been associated with certain dubious elements in society...

If anyone deserves a high award, say the
Tan Sri title or even the Tun title, it would be Mohamad Noor Khalid, popularly known by his nom de plume, Lat. I know- I know, he has been awarded a datukship, which he truly deserves for making Malaysians of all races, colors and creeds laugh so much at themselves, including myself, of course. It's just that anytime of the day and each progressive year, you look at his cartoons, it still leaves you in stitches.

I had to make myself laugh and be more cheerful after a slew of unpleasant Malaysian news such as the Lina Joy decision, inter-faith conference cancellation (postponement? The jury's still out on this) and the ongoing (finally!) tragic Altantuya murder case.

Here's more of Lat until Berita Harian takes notice of this humble blog and Lat is silenced with his subtle teasingly cheeky views of many of Malaysia's pot-pourri scenes.

Before that, though, the cartoonist has shown and proven to us, his loyal readers, his non-racist non-prejudicial character through some of his cartoons. Here's one funny one of him in New York.

Now we know how sensitive certain people in Malaysia are towards the Jews but Lat is the only Malay guy I know who would courageously cross the racial divide. He eats in a Jewish eatery! A true hero fears nothing and he honestly admitted his non-prejudicial action in this cartoon strip.

If all Malaysians can think like Lat with his sense of humor, honesty, courage and with no trace of bigotry, our Prime Minister, Pak Lah would have an easier task in achieving his vision of 2056(? I'll have to check this date again which I saw on the net hours ago).

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