Sunday, July 1, 2007

Death of a Mongolian Beauty

Was it a gunshot, C-4 explosives or a grenade which killed her? Who actually did it? Is there a conspiracy, rightly or wrongly, as believed by a growing skeptical questioning public since the first prosecutor's opening confident declaration that only three persons were responsible for this international crime?

Have we forgotten how harsh the penalty is for the mere possession of either a gun or an explosive device in Malaysia? Yes, the penalty is death by hanging... and it wasn't too long ago, sometime in the 1980s that even a young boy who was below 16 and found in possession of a weapon, was sentenced to death... So we have two men mucking around freely with guns and explosives like we're in Hollywood except that the weapons were real and it was a lethal death show and not a wholesome family entertainment movie that these murderers are now providing the shamed and embarrassed law-abiding good Malaysian public that believes in truth and justice. Malaysia, THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING... The world will still be watching Malaysia, after the trial when Altantuya's
Discovery Channel's prolific documentary- producing dad has his heart-wrenching movie about her and her unjustified horrific death in Malaysia completed and shown.

Malaysians... you are all part of the plot in the movie right now ...

The trial continues tomorrow with the testimony of one of the murder-implicated members of the elite Special police squad which protects the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.
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The Borneo Post news cutting is dated 29/3/07 about the elite police squad.

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