Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Tragic Comfort Women Issue

Don't get me wrong-I love the Japanese and their country, having been there twice in the past and having such a remarkable time in that expensive tourist wonderland with such warm Asian hospitality... but I have to take the side of the wronged party...The point is-the country must nevertheless correct the wrongs that were committed by it in the past, just as Germany courageously did by admitting and apologizing to the world for WW2 and having exorcised its past ghosts, moved on to be a great nation.

I have to express my heart-felt empathy for the thousands of comfort women, innocent girls who were forced to be sex slaves to Japanese soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army during World War 2 in Asian countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, China, Korea and others. Their brutal sufferings at the hands of the soldiers were obviously an indescribable living hell and the Japanese government should have the balls and the moral courage to always admit the country bore and continues to bear a collective responsibility for what happened in those dark barbaric war years and fully compensate the few living victims and other victims' surviving relatives. Such an act of magnanimous proportions would be a just atonement for the many past sins of the army and the government for all the brutality committed on innocent civilians of the rest of the world.

Here is the excerpt from the Borneo Post dated 12/3/07 about a courageous fair-minded objective professor who is ashamed for what Japan did and wants the truth to be out and justice carried out. Do click to enlarge the pic and extract for reading.

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