Monday, July 16, 2007

Respect Parking Attendants!


Alberta, 1987, courtesy of The Edmonton Sun... Here's a guy who's pleading for a second chance after he was issued a parking ticket in one of the towns near Edmonton.... Did his dramatic begging work?
You would be surprised with the outcome.

Now could this ever happen here? There are occasionally a few news reports of local council parking attendants being abused for carrying out their duties by enraged motorists ....

I look forward to the day when meters are used instead like in many western cities as there are inconvenient times when we run out of tickets ... and the nearest ticket-selling shop is frustratingly nowhere in sight.

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Ian said...

I discussed this with a friend on the parking meters and this is what we assume what would happen:

1. Parking for 15 minutes will then cost us RM5, and RM10 for each minute overtime.

2. Parking meters won't always work, because they're sourced from China.

3. Parking meters will mysteriously disappear overnight, and scrap metal operators get mysteriously rich.

4. Unhappy people will turn this into a political issue.

5. Parking attendants will still get assaulted.

6. Drunkards will use the meters as boxing practice.