Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Easy Money in Net

One of the most annoying scams on the net is this e-mail that is coming from somewhere in the UK. It always has a sad, sometimes happy tale and a plea for help in temporarily taking care of some huge sum of money that would earn you at least 10% of the it ... but first contact the Yahoo homepage address and when you do, you will be asked to provide your personal particulars, including banking info. Sometimes the claim is made that it is a lottery with various convincing international names you have won but the whole idea is to get both your particulars and a certain amount of money to help with the expenses in delivering the promised huge sum of money.

I've checked the net about this sort of scams and it seems that the fraudsters make a fast buck by retaining your deposited cash and you could wait for all eternity to see the huge sum of money that would be your share for helping out. Millions have been cheated this way as human greed blinds human logic and sense!

I've had e-mails from a so-called nurse, rich heir, Nigerian politician, winning lottery claims agent, grieving widow and lucky businessman so far! Sometimes I do get cheeky and tell them to spend the money on the world's poor after thanking them for their generosity. The 'fleeing Nigerian politician' was instructed to bury his fortune under a certain tree in the US.

Here's an example of the big scam. It's a letter purportedly from a model by the name of Susan Williams (Yeah, what a glamorous modeling name and oh man, look at the extremely shameful bad English! Maybe, the plea works better if a sexy pic is available...-) with the e-mail address as sunwilmodel@yahoo.co.uk.:

Hello Brethren,
My name is Susan Williams am a model.i seek your consent to a favour for me.The favour is that my agent is to pay me some money for the jobs i did for him, Now his owing me some money and he has decided to pay me with Money Order or check and i cannot cash the money order over here. And i am now disable due to a very terrible auto crash i had last year so am not elegible to talk or hear again and i can not move around like i use to do.So now am looking for any US or Canada CITIZEN that i can trust in helping me to cash the Money Order or check and i don't mind paying you 10% of the money because this has been a major problem for me so i want you to help me out of the problem.Take note that if any situation warrants me to talk to you over the phone, my elder brother (FJohnson) will be doing that on my behalf.

I Pray God almighty bless you as you help me with my problem and your prayer in my life is also needed.I will be very greatfull if you can help me out in cashing this money order or check.
God Bless.

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