Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gee, what's for barbecue?

I'm a gorilla...Oh yes, I am... Just a simple fat gorilla and I'm no cannibal. I know some of you of the human species are cannibals, though. Just look at this pic I found in the bushes recently.

Now I wonder, "Who would be great for roasting in this jungle?"

As a gorilla, I can think of quite a lot meaty humans who would satisfy the blogosphere's cannibals without naming names because humans are such vicious creatures: they will be deadly fierce and without any sensibility or clear head to all the facts and the truth, fight for survival by all means including dirty ones when under pressure, stress or cornered...just like my other furry jungle buddies... Ever seen my fellow pussy cat defend herself with her furry back arched-to enlarge herself so they say- and all her glittering razor-sharp claws jutting out, slashing at the attacking menacing dog?

My fellow animals, beware of the humans who are guilt-ridden lest they lash out at you like a deadly viper... Well, an American rattler snake at least makes some rattling noises before it strikes with a deadly poison!

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