Sunday, July 22, 2007

Remembering Bruce & Brandon Lee...

This is not a tribute ... yet to Bruce Lee, our late Kung Fu master hero, seen here with his late son, Brandon. It's not even his birthday or death anniversary.

It just feels like a good time to remember a Chinese hero who made it big on screen and in the process, fired up the imaginations of millions of youngsters of varied races and inspired them to dream of international stardom...

No wonder that in once war-torn Eastern Europe, the Europeans have proudly erected a statute, symbolising tolerance and diversity in race, color and creed, of this superb oriental
skillful martial arts exponent in a public location.

Here's a pic of the late Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee's son. He's seen with his personal vehicle, a converted Lincoln which was formerly used as a funeral hearse which he drove around. Indeed, he had an interesting fascination with the afterlife.

It was sadly tragic that he was killed when a prop gun accidentally discharged a live bullet, killing him instantly during the filming of a movie in Hollywood.

Officially, the court ruled his death was merely due to an accident but there are those, including myself, who believe there is something more sinister than that

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