Monday, July 30, 2007

A Jungle Goodbye to Politics

I'm a gorilla, one big hairy one. I live in the jungle and until I accidentally discovered the blogosphere, I used to have a pretty peaceful life... blissfully ignorant and unaware how barbaric, hypocritical, crafty and evil humans can be ...

It's worse than a jungle out there in the human's world, particularly when you're in business. It's a dog eat dog world.

Now we animals have the occasional primitive fight with each other just like those two monkeys in my pic but in the outcome is always reconciliation.

In the angry human's world, it is a fight to the bitter end.

There should be more truces and compromises struck... before all wars and World Wars begin and countless humans, including millions of civilians lose their lives.

This gorilla is a civilized one in the sense that he can be a philosopher and a spiritual creature. He can also be a cybermonk for sometime... and meditate on the good life...

I will devote less time on politics and more on philosophy and on the spiritual side of life, dwelling on such wholesome family inspirational matters at that on Living Each Day. Click here to be lovingly inspired at "Living Each Day".

This does not mean I have forsaken my commitment to upholding the truth in politics. I'll be back as an objective political animal one day. I do not know when but I'LL BE BACK. In the meantime, I'll resume the main objective of my blog which is to refresh everyone of the past news as many have forgotten the past so they have condemned themselves and others to the same repetitions of similar mistakes...

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