Friday, July 13, 2007

Just an Old Friendly Letter

Ah, the exciting old days...when the plotters unsuccessfully attempted to democratically overthrow the Sarawak state government under Chief Minister (Tan Sri) Taib Mahmud... Here is the former Chief Minister and governor (Tun) Rahman Yakub's public letter in the Sarawak Tribune dated 11/4/87 (Click to enlarge) to SUPP Assistant secretary-General and Minister for Works and Industrial development (Tan Sri) Wong Soon Kai dated 11th April, 1987. It would prompt a quick response from Soon Kai in a stinging no holds barred public rebuttal dated 12/4/87 through the Borneo Post on 15/4/87 (Read Soon Kai's rebuttal letter somewhere in my blog).

Ah yes, what is the value of friendship in politics?

By the way, why don't the warring parties within PRS help boost the local newspaper sales by publicly airing their differences utilizing the imaginative tactic by Yakub? It would clarify a lot of matters and let the curious public be the jury!

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