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Who's the new Acting C.M.?

The following article is from Malaysiakini. By now, several blogs would have shared the astonishing news about certain hush-hush stuff going on in Australia involving our chief Minister Taib Mahmud ... The last time something as dramatic and exciting as this happening was during the unsuccessful behind the scenes plot to topple him in the incident known famously as the Ming Court Affair...

What can I say at this time... I could add this about Taib. I noticed he lost a lot of weight following his operation in Singapore and it is true that we saw less and less of him lately in public. His presence in Australia these days is a real surprise and so are the reports of local politicians flying off Down Under to join him.

By the way, my best bet is that Alfred Jabu will be the acting C.M. if Taib does appoint an acting C.M... Well, my crystal ball is pretty blur right now...

One last thought regarding UMNO flags-some Dayak longhouses and Malay kampungs may have UMNO flags but trust me, with the present high illiteracy rates in the rural areas, any Tom, Dick & Harry can give the decent innocent folks there some impressive high quality China-made flags and they would be hung high and dry for all to see...or shall we say high and wet for all to see...

Ask these folks what 'UMNO' stands for and we'll probably get the answers ranging from 'U Must Not Object' to 'United Malaysian National Organization' ...

Here is the news breaking article by Tony Thien of Malaysiakini dated 12/7/07:

Taib ill, acting CM to be appointed?
Tony Thien
Jul 12, 07 1:50pm
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Is Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud seriously ill? And will an acting chief minister be appointed while he is receiving medical treatment overseas?

These are the questions being asked in Sarawak over the past 24 hours on Taib, a strongman who has helmed the state for more than a quarter of a century.

Top leaders from Taib’s ruling party PBB have rushed to Australia to meet the chief minister amid rumours that he is about to announce his succession plan and that an acting chief minister is to be appointed soon.

Malay PBB leaders, including deputy president Abang Johari and senior vice-president Awang Tengah Ali Hassan and State Assembly speaker Awang Asfia Awang Nassar, have left for Australia earlier this week.

Also in the same delegation is state assemblyperson for Tanjung Datu, Adenan Satem, a man once considered the frontrunner to take over from Taib.

Taib, who celebrated his 71st birthday in May, is reported to be in Adelaide where he is said to have been invited to attend a farewell reception for South Australia governor Marjorie Jackson-Nelson, who is retiring at the end of the month.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu has also left Kuching for Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday night, and he is reportedly on his way to Australia to meet Taib.

Taib has been chief minister for the resource-rich state since 1981 after taking over from his uncle, Abdul Rahman Yakub.

‘Taib is sick’

Sources close to both Taib and Rahman family members said that “Taib is sick”.

The chief minister had underwent an operation last year to remove a suspected cancerous colon in Singapore

While in recent months he was often seen in public, lately he has disappeared from the scene.

“It looks like there are signs that an acting chief minister may be appointed soon,” sources said.

Many Sarawakians, however, are still unaware of that most of their top leaders are currently overseas. Calls to many of key PBB politicians have gone unanswered.

Even former senior PBB leaders, who have got wind of what might be brewing in Australia, do not know exactly what is happening.

“One thing is for certain - something is happening. Either Taib is seriously ill suffering from a relapse or that for some reasons he has decided the time may have come for him to step down,” a former senior PBB leader told malaysiakini today.

There are also rumours that Taib's relations with top federal leaders have not been at its best, and that there are signs that Kuala Lumpur is putting pressure on him to quit and hand over power to a new and younger leader.

A former Taib political aide told malaysiakini that “Taib may merajuk (upset) over certain matters with federal leaders.”

Important announcement soon

There is little secret that Taib has been clearly agitated by the increasing activities of a local group led by Malay businessman Affendi Jeman to promote Umno in Sarawak - the only state where Umno does not have a foothold.

PBB leaders have stopped short of condemning such a move, other than to say as far as they are concerned, the move has not received the blessings of top Umno leaders.

In the Sarawak Umno promoters' office in Matang Jaya, just outside of Kuching, Effendi has a photograph on his desk showing him and certain top Umno leaders during their campaigning at recent by-elections in Peninsular Malaysia.

The Sarawak Umno promoters group has sent their people to help the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition in the campaigning.

Umno flags are flying in many Malay and Dayak kampungs throughout Sarawak where more than 100 protem branches have been set up.

“Container loads of Umno flags, which are printed in China, have been shipped to Sarawak,” said a source.

Local newspapers have not reported on the current happening in PBB or the flurry of visits to Australia by top PBB leaders and ministers.

But many local editors are aware that something is brewing and they are expecting an important announcement soon.

Chan: Taib in perfect health

However, Deputy Chief Minister Dr George Chan said that Taib was in "perfect health condition".

Chan, who chaired state's Disaster and Relief Management Committee meeting in Kuching today, confirmed that Taib is in Australia on official duties and he should be returning home soon.

"As of now, there is no information or indication from Abdul Taib that he is ill," he was quoted by Bernama.

Chan also said he had spoken to Taib's secretary, whom he had spoke to today, and he made no mention of the chief minister's health.

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He's sick?? Agreed on tat, he indeed look tired n sick during his last visit 2 my campus during PakLah visit.