Friday, August 10, 2007


As I was saying earlier, the illegal loggers have to face the music and this means throwing the book at them for causing so much damage to the environment for their 'unlawful selfish gains'.

On the other hand, while it appears as simple as unlawful loggers and their 'unlawful selfish gains', there are rumors that some natives have the enterprise to make a business out of logging just to survive.

Sadly, the Law is not on their side, and it is not the way to go.

The issue is so complex for the natives of Sarawak. and as an objective observer who has seen many, many happy natives in other countries such as those in the States and Canada, I would put forward my two-sen worth of advice and say the word 'RESERVATIONS' for natives as the answer. Let no non-natives ever encroach on their lands which were handed down to them by their forefathers, generation after generation. Let the mountains, hills and valleys and the rich forests be their hunting grounds and their happy children for many, many moons...and yea, let them control their own affairs, including policing by themselves. Unlike the Aussie aborigines, the natives here have proven their discipline and moral strength in their dedicated long term service in the Police Field Force and the Police department.

Ever been inside the jungle? Ever seen the tough lives that the natives of today are having? I have. Many times.
The young are attracted by the bright city lights, leaving many old folks behind. It's tragic. It's sad. Really depressing. And the politicians are still quarreling amongst themselves, dishing out bucks here and there, now and then. Something more practical, without destroying a single tree should be implemented now before its too late and a slow silent genocide occurs in the jungle...

Was it not famously poetically written that 'Things fall apart; its centre does not hold' ? It has to be remembered that Sarawak's natural resources will not last forever if it is exploited without proper reliable trustworthy accountable management. The oil is almost gone, and the royalty returns is so low from the federal authorities. The plantations are coming up but the natives will be the workers. Perhaps if the natives can be prepared to own the plantations then it would be a workable compromising solution.

So it's Day 4 of my meditation and those are my random thoughts...

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