Wednesday, August 8, 2007


This pic is courtesy of the Borneo Post and shows a log-loaded lorry.

It was quite a common sight some 10 years ago to see such overloaded, precariously placed huge logs being transported by rickety lorries that are driven at fast speed along the Miri-Lutong Pujut highway.

Occasionally, one can still see the sight of these lorries.

It is hoped that with Miri's first new flyover along part of the busiest Miri-Lutong Pujut highway completing soon, no mishap involving heavy laden lorries will occur.... It would be terrifying if one of these lorries actually attempt to drive on the flyover enroute to Baram....

Mirians, be ever vigilant and alert the authorities if you see any of these blissfully unaware drivers driving such lorries along the Pujut highway... Remember, a flyover is almost like a bridge that vehicles drive on and could collapse due to stress ....

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