Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Brief Round-up

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A round-up of eye-catching news...
Washington, USA: An article in a reputable magazine in the United States disclosed that 7-that's right-7 caverns have been found on the planet Mars. There're extremely huge by earth standards and may even sustain some forms of life!

Washington: This is a bust of the future president of the United States, the extremely bright wife of former president Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton ... Chauvinists and the KKK may hate her but a nation that has to endure pain and suffering as its courageous military defends it in foreign shores will surely need a feminine touch.

History will be made when she becomes the first female president of a macho country like the U.S.!

By the way, I'll have to find out who sculpted this beautiful piece of art.

Petra Jaya: Malaysia: These are the persons who are mentioned in Lingam's video. The jury's out as to their involvement into whatever irregularities in Malaysia's judiciary. The Malaysian lawyers' Bar Council and numerous NGOs insist on a Royal Commission of Inquiry to seek the truth and plug loopholes to stem the many perceived glaring disturbing judgments and promotion of certain judges that were carried out without any publicised criteria and without broad consultation with many in the legal field.

The Chief Justice has reacted to the release of the video by merely writing a letter to Malaysiakini with a single line in Malay, "No comment".

Then the defacto law Minister, Nazi in the PM's cabinet has claimed that the Chief Justice had informed him by phone he was denying he was involved in the matter.

The government has also reacted by disappointing Malaysians by appointing a 3-member panel to investigate the contents of the letter. Two of the 3 appointees were seen as partial by some: they were somehow either connected to the government in the past or present.

The local media? While this video was a hot topic everywhere, the papers were cowardly seemingly unaware of the implications for Malaysians of the possible nefarious shenanigans as discussed in the video. Will there be justice if the custodians of law and order are partial to the government? Here's an example: Let's say a government clinic provides horrible medical assistance, resulting in an unnecessary death to a loved one, who will win the law suit eventually??? Then it could be worse for all when frustrations with the partial justice that is dispensed subsequently result in the ancient ways of barbaric justice such as an eye for an eye-yes, literally as well- kind.... Besides, what kind of service can you expect from a government that does not fear the law? Furthermore, what about government corruption, whether it is now or in future-how would it be ever checked and stamped out if the court is not impartial??? The nightmares are plentiful so what will become of this nation we may ask.

Meanwhile the Bar Council has not changed its mind to submit a request for a Royal Commission to the Prime Minister today. Lawyers, NGOs and concerned members of the public have been invited to march peacefully in black and white lawyerly attire to the Prime Minister's office.

Malaysia's much respected monarchy will also be petitioned by individuals to convene a Royal Commission of Inquiry which would have broad powers and be able to accomplish overhauling the justice system back before the many controversies started in 1988 under Prime Minister Mahathir.

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