Wednesday, September 26, 2007

High-5s to West Malaysian Lawyers!

I am impressed with the West Malaysian lawyers under the Bar Council with its female president and ordinary Malaysians today. It is heartening to see over 2,000 of them on a busy working day (Yeah, one can imagine if it had been a week-end and hard-working Malaysians could rest their hoes and participate in the walk) voice out their concern and care for law and order in Malaysia and to eventually hand in a petition to the Prime Minister's official office demanding for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the notorious Lingam tape controversy and to fix the problems with the judiciary since the successful 1988 attack on it by the executive branch of the government. They have the guts, without doubt and the wisdom to stand up and be counted when justice is apparently going to the dogs with corruption stealthily creeping into the justice system which used to be so much respected by not only Malaysians but also by the Commonwealth and by the world on the whole before Lord President Tun Abas' engineered fall.

Here is a pic montage, courtesy of news portal Malaysiakini of the united show of legal eagles by our West Malaysian brothers and sisters, despite the heavy thunderstorm at one stage:

(Photographs by Malaysiakini and readers YS Low and Fahri Azzat)

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