Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Is Teheran Smart?

Left: FLASHBACK: Deja vu...Sept. 20th, 2001 Borneo Post news before Afghanistan was attacked and liberated by the Americans. Click to enlarge it.

The Jihadist scumbags never learnt from the first hard-hitting lesson that the U.S. taught in 2001 after the cowardly attack on their peaceful innocent civilians, killing thousands in a single day on September 11, 2001.

This time the U.S. will be smarter and not allow itself to be victimised first with the loss of heavy lives from suicidal Iranian fanatics in power, right from the very top so-called spiritual ayatollah down to his running dog, cunning highly intelligent engineering president and his subservient followers.

True, the U.S. unfortunately got itself into this ugly mess following receipt of faulty intelligence on nuclear weapons, when they got rid of one of the world's most evil dictator, Saddam Hussein. Unfortunately, with the iron-fisted ruler gone, Iraq has fallen apart. Then the Jihadist terrorists, al Quieda and other wanna-be jihadists united together to fight one hated foe through various means from suicide attacks to car and roadside bombings, aided in logistics-arms and mega bucks by oil-rich Jihadist Iran and other wanna-be Jihadist Islamic nations and individuals clandestinely in various devious ways.

Well, President Bush can be as good an actor as Reagan was. His critics scoff and laugh at the widely read and seen captured moments of his dumbness.

No one should be fooled. As someone who enjoyed acting myself in the past, I admire his skillful theatrical skills in expressions and actions which would fool many including Malaysia's national news agency, Bernama. The agency's recent pre-Malaysian Independence Day interview with Bush gave the impression to many Malaysians Bush has almost kosong (empty) knowledge about Malaysia and its Prime Minister.

Believe me, I think the guy is smart and of course he surely has the best intelligence available on everything and every political world leader in his hands. Man, I tell you, like Santa, an American president as the world's superpower leader would know who has been naughty, bad and who has been good!

So Iran has not only been naughty, it has been bad and still is bad! It craves for a new toy-the almighty nuclear bomb. Like bad old hard-line China, it aids terrorists against a foreign force and like the Nazis under Adolf Hitler, it seeks the destruction of the Jews, craves for dominion by military means of nearby territories (in the middle-east) and ultimately, the rest of the world. What a dream of Islamizing the whole world like in the ancient bloody days of using the Arab sword to covert others!

Well, the U.S. will be Hercules...mighty and strong in fighting and beating all forms of powerful monsters and armies...but the problem with al-quieda, the Taliban and a jihadist nation like Iran and other wanna-be deceptive jihadist nations is that it is like the ancient hydra, a mythical water snake that will keep growing heads after each one has been cut off and survive ... So the U.S. and the free world has to solve the persistant problem which is definitely and fortunately solvable as Hercules did ingeniously with his fire...Best of luck, Land of the Brave!

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