Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Devil's Day Remembered

Long awaited, he will never return to Europe*, he will appear in Asia; One of the league** issued from great Hermes***, he will grow above all the powers in the Orient****.
-Nostradamus' Century X Q75 quatrain.

*Osama was in Europe as a rich young man.

** covenant or compact made between persons, parties, states, etc. for the promotion of maintenance of common interests or for mutual assistance, service or an association of individuals having a common goal.
-Webster's Dictionary

***the ancient Greek herald and messenger of the gods of road, commerce, invention, cunning, deceit and theft.
-Webster's Dictionary

**** Asia.

America's most wanted dangerous mass murderer-worth US millions as a reward if you turn him in .... We grieve with those who lost their dear innocent ones.... Various bread-winning nationalities...parents, husbands, wives, friends... co-workers, firefighters, cops....killed either instantly or horribly slowly.... May this evil sicko and his Jihadist followers rot in hell one day.

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