Monday, September 10, 2007

Shopping Mirian Cobra!

IN OUR BIG CITY one day....

Good heavens! Believe it or not! A shopping cobra came calling at the Boulevard Shopping Complex one night. Failing to slither up the high entrance stairs of one of Miri's largest shopping complexes, it attempted to enter one of the Sibu-registered vehicles near it.

A huge crowd gathered to watch the ongoing operation to find this most deadly poisonous reptile in Borneo after shoppers reported the sighting to the building's security personnel.

Eventually, a brave Iban 'Rentap' caught it with his bare hands!

Here are the pics of the vehicle and 'Rentap'...

OOps! The vehicle pic will appear later but the pic of the hero is available now!

By the way, this story never appeared in the Borneo Post.


salian said...

Wow... good thing it was sighted. It would have been very bad news if the driver of the Sibu car drove off with a *cobra* on the car.

Anonymous said...

Typical. Anything happens at Boulevard Complex or Imperial or wherever owned by SY stays in there and is never published.