Monday, October 8, 2007

East Malaysians can be riled up when we talk about the West Malaysian attitudes towards them. Here's an ongoing online discussion in blogosphere about the state of diplomacy between the two regions. Note this winning fact: Sabah and Sarawak are much larger in terms of size than West Malaysia.

The following interesting letter is found in Malaysiakini -the online news portal that provides news that do not insult your intelligence and lets you read, write and discuss both trivial and non-trivial news, without fear or favor.

We, Sabah and Sarawak, were independent nations
Juliah Shamsul
Oct 8, 07 3:27pm
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I refer to the letter Stop dreaming, we didn't negotiate as equals, as well as the writer’s earlier so-called dissertations on the matter.

As a Malaysian, I feel personally insulted and angered by the condescending tone and the blatant intention to humiliate and put down East Malaysians collectively such as displayed by the writer. But I am more astonished and even amused to read his so-called ‘facts’ in this latest ‘dissertation’ of his.

My dear Uncle Yap, firstly, your own 'Queen's English' leaves much to be desired, so please refrain from insulting other writers' grasp of that fine language. Secondly, kindly get your facts correct please. And please, try to learn to argue your points intelligently and unemotionally. Your whole rambling, nonsensical write-up smacks of a misplaced arrogance over matters you seem to know next to nothing about.

As a Sabahan, my advice to you is to please go back and read, read, read as well as learn as much as you can on the matter of why Malaysia is, indeed, 44 years old and not 50 years of age as you so proudly claim.

Throw away those blinkers, Uncle Yap and maybe then you can see what we, the forgotten brothers of the Land Below the Winds and the Land of Kenyalangs have been fighting for all these years. Before you again put your thoughts on paper, understand what it means when we say that we were independent nations, and that we chose to be a part of Malaya as equals. Henceforth, only then Malaysia was born.

You can shout and insult all you chose, but the truth will still be heard Uncle Yap, even if it is only a whisper.


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Anonymous said...

Sarawak & Sabah have been nothing more than plain "colonies" of big bully...Malaya the last 44 years! Their destinies were TRADED away by the sneaky white men, and that legacy is now shamefully borne by the 2nd generation Sarawakian Malaysians!

Anonymous said...

We talk of US bullying Iraq........But see you have high way in Peninsular,,nice still travel by boat
We have to wake up before all resource including oil run out......but it also our own leader we sold us

Anonymous said...

If the white men sneak is even worst your own peolpe sell your soul and everything to the West Malaysian...wake up before we build even highway to Sumatra.....let in more Indonesian to Sarawak...more Phillipinos to Sabah...

Anonymous said...

Sarawakians are luckier than Sabah as we haven't lost a single territory yet to West Malaysia.... I truly miss the beautiful island of Labuan when it belonged to Sabah!

Anonymous said...

Sarawakian are luckier than Sabah........This is the most stupid logic that insult our if saying that i have one leg is better than the other guy who have no leg........always console yourself....this is pitiful

Rentap Bujang said...

What's wrong with saying Sarawakians are luckier than Sabahans at the moment? UMNO isn't in yet and we are more aware of our special rights. We haven't lost any territories yet. Immigration is still under our control. We will not be cheated by any one. We will never allow anyone to cheat us.

Johnny Walker said...

As a East Malaysian who has lived in Kuala Lumpur for a number of years, I understand the vicious businesspeople over there.It's a hell of a dog eat dog world out there.

We're more laid back but they work very hard to make money to survive and to send their children to good schools and universities overseas.
We're more optimistic of the future, especially in Sarawak.

That is why the West Malaysians are so unsympathetic to our complaints about West Malaysian colonization of us again.

let's not attack their English. Poor Uncle Yapp. He probably had a stroke or something after Lucy's strong confrontation with him!

I like to listen to his side of the story....even if he doesn't seem to have all the facts right at times.