Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Malaysian Neighbour From Hell

It wasn't too long ago that a well-known Malaysian celebrity in his blog was sharing that he was annoyed with a neighbour of his and it was upsetting him so much that he was going to lodge some sort of report to the authorities.

Now, I have discovered by myself how unneighbourly some Malaysians can be.

Here's my true tale of woe...

Next door to my home is a retired over 70-year old mechanic from a major oil conglomerate based in Miri.

We always got on fine and were on speaking terms. We didn't have any trouble at all with each other. My kids even greeted him whenever they saw him.

Then one day, I looked out of my bedroom window. I froze when I saw him tossing his cigarette butt into my well-maintained beautiful garden!

"Okay, it's just a butt, anyway," I consoled myself. I shrugged my shoulders and didn't think more about it.

Soon after I either found in my garden or caught him tossing longan seeds; rambutan seeds; sweet wrappings time after time and one unpleasant day... chicken bones.

Chicken bones- that was it-I spoke to one of his adult kids about it and the bones ceased flying over but the rest of the Palestinian missiles continued unabatedly.

Now I'm generally a Mr. Nice Guy so they say: if these litter had been tossed over only on a few occasions, I didn't mind it all. But heck, no! It has been 7 years!

The old guy now coughs badly and all this while I thought, "Well, he's going to kick the bucket soon anyway. No point in kicking a big fuss over this matter to upset the elderly."

Hell, he hasn't.

And today, I found durian seeds strewn all over my beautiful garden again.

Isn't this a neighbour from hell?


Aisha said...

Durians seeds??? Mine throws coconut shells.

007 said...

That was indeed funny. Why don't you throw back whatever he threw? Make it 'two eyes for an eye; two teeth for a tooth' as the Russians say!