Saturday, October 13, 2007

Whistle-blowers' Club

Ladies & Gentlemen! The bombs are coming-blow the whistle!

That caught your attention! Welcome to the honorable Whistle-blowers' Club. It's 'honorable' for three out of many reasons that makes us so special: we acted honorably; endured persecution and courageously faced coercion.

In the interests of fair play and justice for all, we told the authorities about wrong-doings by the mighty and powerful. We risked losing all our means of privileged livelihood in doing so. That was honorable.

Since the formation of this nation, we have had to endure time after time, prosecution from the authorities first for using whatever means to expose the truth. There is no protection from civil action for us against those who are actually guilty but manage to use their social and political influences (and persuasive charms) to escape action by the relevant authorities.

In many whistle-blowing cases in history, various coercive methods have been utilized by those who have become aware of who their source of problems are. This has resulted in threats, acts of vandalism, injuries and even deaths to many of us fellow crime-busting good decent citizens.

So while we make merry now, just keep reminding our bruised but mighty spirit we are people of honor; people who have unwavering endurance in the face of prosecution by the authorities and courage in the face of coercion by the law-breakers.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's affirm this once more amongst us: the whistles we blew in self-sacrifice were for the sake of truth and justice for all.

Here now, dedicated to all here and throughout the nation and the world, is the official whistle-blowers' anthem by the greatest whistler of all:

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