Monday, October 15, 2007

Congratulations, Singapore!

Congrats, good neighbour!

Indeed, the small non-resource rich island state has got an impressive expensive new flying toy, the latest superjumbo from Airbus!

Some info on this beautiful bird as extracted from AFP:
1. World's biggest passenger plane;
2. 73 metre-long (239 feet) two-storey giant;
3. Can carry maximum 853 passengers;
4. Bigger than Boeing 747-400, the past record holder in size;
5. More than 330 miles (530 Km) of cable wiring was carried out &
6. Due to her huge size, the superjumbo has limited access to airports. Latest possible world destinations are: Dubai, Doha, Johannesburg, London, New York, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.

That's one passenger plane that's worth flying on!

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