Thursday, November 29, 2007

16 Crows: Bad Omen?

It wasn't too long ago that I mentioned the sight of 16 crows with bloodshot eyes outside my residence. Several deaths-six to be exact soon followed ... What is disturbing, if I may repeat the story, is that the last time I saw a crow in my large garden, a close overseas-educated friend died in an unexplainable accident.

Here's an abstract of an interview by a Korean interviewer with a Malaysian girl in the blog Paths to Peace at, dated 30-11-07. It briefly touches on the significance of seeing crows:

Q3. In South Korea, a crow is the symbol of a bad omen, while a magpie is the symbol of a good omen. Are there any superstitions related to animals in your country?
A3. Well, in Malaysia, we have various cultures and religions. Different cultures have different beliefs about animals. Muslims do not believe that a crow is a bad omen. Malays believe that wherever you see a group of crows, the place is dirty with garbage or something. Some other cultures believe that if you see a crow, there is a ghost.

Wow, I had no idea a crow is also a symbol of a bad omen in beautiful Korea!

Nein, no, Malaysian interviewee, my garden and the surrounding areas are spotlessly clean and well-maintained so the crows shouldn't have suddenly appeared during the light drizzle...

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