Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Simple Letter

-George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four

A Simple Letter of Appeal to Big Brother of Eastasia

Dear Big Brother:
It's not too late to change the course of Eastasia's self-destructive history.

I'm sorry to be frank with you: you'll have to change the system or its presently worsening corruption will eventually destroy this part of the world.

You could either be the vilified ex German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler or the modern day, unbelievably forgiving ex-tortured and imprisoned patriot, globally honored and respected Nelson Mandella.

To be a tyrant like Hitler with his abusive use of draconian laws, will allow you to achieve an iron fist rule over the masses. You will get what you want for yourself and those who hang onto your coattails but you will be denied of the love and compassion of your intimidated coerced fellow citizens.

Surely, Big Brother, your conscience will also prick you till the end of your days! How could you depart this world in peace, knowing how much pain and suffering you have wrought on the lives of your fellow citizens and being aware of how great a difference you could have made in removing all the corruption and creating back a civil society of love, equality and sharing with not an iota of racism.

Indeed, miserably, imperialist Hitler lived by the sword and died by the sword, alone in his bunker with a cowardly shot to his head.

To be Mandella, you will surely be immortalised by not just the masses but the whole world for your patriotism, love, courage and fortitude in the face of adversity from your comrades, cronies of all shapes, colors and creeds. Surely, generations upon generations of Eastasians will have your name on their lips in reverence for your decency, honour, fore-sightedness and humanity.

Today, the Nobel Peace Prize Award winning Mandella is the modern day hero who is hailed near and far by all as the greatest leader of democracy.

Yes sir, the people of Eastasia want a leader who will show his sincere affection for every man on the street, ensuring there is justice above all else. Justice is everything and Lady Justice has to rule in the courts. "Poetic justice with her lifted scale, where in nice balance/truth with gold she weighs/And still pudding against empty praise" wrote Alexander Pope.

A failure in the judicial system and the triumph of corruption will be the end of democracy in this day and age and surely will lead to either despotism or anarchy.

I pray you will have the wisdom from God above to make the right decision regarding draconian laws and judicial reforms, Big Brother.

Yours sincerely,

Wing Tsen Heff
(Winston Smith's oriental double in a parallel universe...Read my entry on Cambridge University's group that believes in the parallel world theory).

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