Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Reasons for Controversial Themes

I was posed the question, rather expectedly after I posted the sexy shots of models at a motor show in Japan recently, as to why I did it on this sometimes spiritual blog.

My reasons are simple. It's because it's:
1. a fact of life in other countries;
2. purely entertaining;
3. to keep religious zealots and extremists at bay-in other words away from MY blog;
4. to show I'm NOT a political animal;
4. to get my visitors like you to open up your minds to everything in the world these days and last
but not least,
5. to make you think more "out of the box" on many matters.

That in a nutshell, sums it all!!! Maybe I owe a big apology to my opposite sex friends who have linked to my blog for "stripping' a bit of their dignity...

Okay, noone demands it so let me say that be rest assured that I won't expose too much of the liberated sexual politics in life...

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