Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Seconds to War

I was watching the newly released Pentagon video of the Hormitz Straits Incident (Click the title above to watch the video yourself) at Breitbart and here were the thoughts that ran through my head:
1. The Iranians appeared to be moving rather recklessly close to the US warships.

2. All it would take is a trigger-happy Iranian hot head to shoot at a US warship and the next dangerous upgrade in the phase of the current WW3 is on.

3. One can imagine the anxious warship crew who are experiencing the whole hair-raising, sweaty episode, probably on several occasions of a lesser provocative kind. If one of the crew members had lost his or her nerve, a single shot at the boats could very well trigger an emotional outburst of outrage by Iranian mobs and their sympathisers around the world!

4. It takes steadfast courage to be in a tense situation in a volatile part of the world where terrorism and lawlessness thrives. The American naval crew deserves
praise for showing restraint at present. Would this last?

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