Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Remembering Autumn

Here's something about autumn, when winter is round the corner. In Canada, especially in the western provinces of Alberta and Sasketchewan, it starts getting really cold; in New Zealand, it gets cold too but it really isn't as cold as in Canada!

All the same, as the green leaves of summer turn into beautiful hues of yellow and orange... falling gently to the color-coated ground... those who are lonely hearts will feel their hearts melting deep inside...aching and aching as loved ones are remembered and dearly missed. This is always one of the four seasons in the West that deeply stirs one's soul...

Here's one of my favorite French singers of all time, Francois Hardy, singing a gut-wrenching melancholic song, "Autumn Rendzevous" and yeah, fellas, to me this talented and beautiful lady reminds us of those attractive lost loves in our life wherever they are... and of what a different life could be....

Of course, it's past autumn and winter right now but don't miss the memorable experience this year!

There have been some requests for the lyrics... so here it is:

Now the summer days are ending

Leaves are falling, red and gold.

Now the warmth of love is fading

And the nights are getting cold.

From the east the wind is blowing

Now the sky's no longer blue

Overhead the clouds are growing

Summer's gone and so are you.

You wanted to be free

Love was just a game to you

And you never meant to be

At this autumn rendezvous.

All the happiness life gave me

Changed to emptiness today.

Now that you no longer love me

Autumn's come, it's here to stay.

Life seems empty now without you.

It's not easy to forget

I may learn to live without you

But I'll always feel regret.

I would cry but it's no good

Tears won't bring you back to me

Though I'd stop you if I could

I can't change what has to be.

With the years I'll still remember

And in time the hurt will go;

I'll forget this sad September

And be glad I loved you so.


dougie said...

the last heard gentle twitterings of that endangered aviary species the Hornbill does indeed seem like a few Autumns ago.
gone defunct about the same time that mighty writer with his sharpened quill went underground (dans l'neige sur les Kiwi Alps) that ellusive feline..
'Cupid d cool Cat'

wellcome back!

Luke said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your gracious welcome...I look forward to chit-chatting with all pals in the animal world!