Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sarawak's Political Shock

Today in the state of Perak in West Malaysia, a high political drama is been played out. Will the national Barisan National Alliance (or shall we say UMNO) seize power by froggy means, considering two of the frogs have been charged by police for corruption and are due in court?

Whether the ruling party does succeed, and at this time of blogging, it appears it mind drifts back to Sarawak's own political high drama way back in 1996.

That's right-thirteen years ago-how much younger we were then and even the present national news agency Bernama head, (Datuk) Azman Ujang was just an astute political correspondant for Bernama then.

It was the day Sarawak stood still when its second largest component partner, Sarawak United People's Party (SUPP) in the four-party state-remember this was 1996 then- was dealt a stunning blow and reeled from shock with both the defeat of its popular chairman, Wong Soon Kai and the breakthrough for the Democratic Action Party (DAP) in gaining a foothold in the state's legislative assembly.

Who says politics is ever boring or clean?

Here is The Borneo Post article dated 10/10/96. ClJiJust click over ck once over it to enlarge it for reading!

Just click over it to enlarge it for reading.

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