Monday, March 9, 2009

Historic Sarawak Crisis

Here's a look back to the time when Sarawak had its 18-point Agreement with Malaya and Sabah amended by parliament. The parliamentary amendment in Kuala Lumpur resulted in a legitimate Chief Minister losing his post permanently... Were there hidden hands in the downfall of the popular Chief Minister, Stephen Kalong Ningkan? How dirty could politics be?
The report appeared in the now defunct People's Mirror, dated 14/3/87. Just click over it to enlarge for reading clarity!

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dougie said...

Tunku Rahman, paints a rather sad figure of one who 'was easily led'?
indecisive in his authority.. the Brits at one point telling him there was no '67 Independence negotiation, inclusive of Chinese terrorists, & he subsequently following.
the legislation for English as a national language, then becoming Bahasa,
then the sad 'emergency' fracas described above..