Friday, March 6, 2009

Just a Simple Bomb

So what can a mere single one-megaton nuclear bomb do to a country? Well, it's indeed spine-chilling to think that an area of 10-miles radius would be devastated. In other words, from Piasau to our Miri City Centre-aye, that round-about with some plants and hornbill statures- and all the way to our airport, surrounding Senadin and outwards offshore will be hit.

Here are the other effects of such a device... Let me tell you the results are really ugly as hell.

* People can be killed by blast, heat or intense nuclear radiation from the initial explosion, by fires, or by radiation dose accumulated from radio-active fall-out dust over the next few weeks;

* The spread of radioactive fall-out is unpredicable but it is likely to kill more people than the combined effects of blast and fire;

* Radiation damages cells in the body, reduces the ability to fight infection and may lead to a lingering death. It also causes genetic damage and cancers which become apparent only in the long term;

* Many people will die of thirst due to the disruption of the water distribution and supply network;

* The food supply will be inadequate and worsen as time goes on. Those surviving the blast, fire and radiation may starve to death;

* Medical care will be hopelessly inadequate, leaving people to die a painfully lingering death from blast injuries, burns or radiation sickness;

* Owing to the breakdown of public hygiene, epidemics may spread through the surviving population;

* Cold will kill many people as they spend cold or winter days without adequate shelter;

* There would be a loss in civil liberties as some form of law and order has to be maintained;

* Delayed fall-out can be carried round the globe far from the war zone and

* The ozone layer in the atmosphere could be destroyed by a large-scale nuclear conflict so that ultr-violet radiation from the sun could kill many forms of life.

By the way, the above is a summary of what the experts believe will happen in a nuclear strike. There may be more info on the consequences on the net of playing with a toy like the nuclear bomb!

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