Wednesday, August 26, 2009

English Song Version of a Romantic Korean Show

There was a time when we were young ... Can we remember what it felt like to be in love for the first time?

Perhaps if we listen and even watch a romantic video we can have a rush of memories flooding back... Here's a music video that caught my eye making me to pause, reflect on the touching Korean tv love series called "Spring Waltz" that RTM was showing over quite a long period sometime ago.
The film's synopsis is a little complex - little poor boy and little rich girl like each other on an island; boy's dad owes people money, takes boy away to a town selling him to a rich childless couple; girl misses boy, grows up into a beautiful woman; meanwhile the poor boy becomes rich by then as he grows up and becomes a famous pianist in a relationship with a well-off woman; his best friend (played by Daniel Henney) who faithfully helps him is always there; one day, the pianist and the old girlfriend accidentally bump into each other; like each other without realising they were old friends on the island; the pianist's best friend always supports his friend but at times the girl and him seek each other's comfort as he likes her a lot; ... eventually the pianist meets his childhood girl on the island following a break-up and they rekindle their old feelings in the end ... after several tear-jerking episodes of misunderstandings on the parts of those around them and them...

So that's one great Korean love film that's as good as "Winter Sonata"!

Have fun watching this!

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