Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here's Deborah Capes!

If any of you were in St. Columba's Primary School back in the late 60s, you'll remember my closest English buddy, Simon Capes.

Here's a pic of his memorable sister who was about two years younger than him. Some of you would have been classmates with her, I'm sure.

She was in Miri visiting old familiar places and her family--she's now happily married to an ex-Sri Lankan ruby star--spent some wonderful time with us.

What a marvelous warm caring woman she is! My kid really loved her and she's holding him in the pic.

Several years later, her brother Simon, actually, Captain Simon Capes, formerly with the Royal Navy, stayed with us for about two weeks. Next time I'll share pics of those thrilling two weeks in Miri and you will be amazed with how much the once young handsome English boy has changed!

If any of you wish to contact any of them, do let me know and I'll provide the addresses in London and Sri Lanka, with their permission first, of course.

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