Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Workplace

Pics clockwise from left, the Sarawak-linked KTS group of companies building in downtown Kota Kinabalu, along Jalan Pantai housing KTS, The Borneo Post on the fourth floor, Utusan Borneo on the sixth floor and See Hua Daily News as well as other KTS subsidiaries on the first floor; the beautiful Gaya Street fountain is close by the office at the next street; famous ex-journalist Cedric Pulford, director of Pulford Media Limited, United Kingdom was hired by the company to intensively train all of us KTS newspaper staff (except for See Hua Daily News employees) to be professional world-class journalists from August 10 -- August 16 this year. More pics and stories coming ...

When I use the word 'journalists' believe me, it can mean differently for some of us in this part of the world.

Of course, we know that we sub-editors, editors and editorial assistants are considered as journalists as well ... and the nature of our work is defined in the dictionary, encyclopedia, or whatever.

In reality, do we just do the editing or more than that? That is the question and as I am presently not at liberty to say further due to a clause in my contract shutting me up as a present editorial assistant employee, I will remain silent for the time being.

Let me put it this way, without us, what you read in the papers tomorrow would be amazingly different.

More stories and pics later... m

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