Monday, October 12, 2009

UA German Club Ski Trip

One of the most memorable times during my academic studies at the University of Alberta back in the nineties were participating in the many sports activities we had in the German Club.

Here's a pic of one of those memorable days. We had a ice-skating and ice-hockey match out to one of the frozen lakes and I had organized it as the elected sports conveynor for one of the years .

That's me in the white skull cap! I can't even recall what was on my head ... I believe it was a cap! I'm holding a long ice hockey stick.

What can I say about ice hockey? It's terrific fun but it can be nasty as there is so much speed involved in the game as we skate on the slippery ice and whack the small round puck into our opponents' small home goal.

Then there are times when desperation and accidents could create some jousting and pushing ... and punching! Certainly, it's a man's game!

So when I was in Calgary, I was going, "Go, Flames, go!" but when I was in Edmonton, I had to go, "Go, Oilers, go!" and of course, we had the whiz kid and champion, Wayne Gretzky in those exciting days!

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