Monday, November 23, 2009

Winter at the University of Alberta

I found this shot of a freezing cold winter day at the UA LRT route that passes by the administrative offices. I guess those days when we were hanging around, waiting patiently with cold hard hands our digging deep into our thick winter jackets for the various public Edmonton Transit buses to various city locations are over.

It is hard to imagine the train that is sending the students to the university daily. The lucky students today do not have to endure as many lengthy hours of awaiting the buses in freezing bone-chilling weather, sometimes with the temperature dipping below -40 degrees celcius. The snow would be so thick everywhere but the campus workers always do a magnificant job in removing them in hours.

Indeed, I can't wait to see the amazing changes to the UA campus scene these days! There's nothing like a reunion with the many buddies we have there!

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