Friday, December 4, 2009

Miri Theartre

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Any Mirian recall those memorable moments when we watched movies in the old cinema right in front of the Police Station? The station is still there but instead of the theartre at the prime location, we have an impressive beautiful tall building today!

I also recall the day a young man by the surname of Tan was fatally stabbed to death while he was watching a horror movie, "Return from the Dead" (By the way, someone said the title was "Ghost's Revenge" ... What I do recall is the word "dead') ! He was seated somewhere at the front row, just a few rows from us.

Halfway through the flick, we heard some screams and shouts. Then all hell broke loose as everyone ran helter-skelter for their dear lives out of the place! We ran out as well without a clue as to what was happening. There were rumors of a police operation, gang fight and a murder.

It was only sometime in the following day that we heard the gory details about the murder that was splashed in the local papers.

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